Changing the Way You Interact Can Change Your Life

As an individual in his mid-twenties, it saddens me to look around and see the majority of people, especially my generation of eighteen through thirty-five, let technology take over their lives.

For example, I walk into Starbucks and watch as the customer does not even look at the cashier as they take their order because they are on their phone or families at restaurants not talking with one another because they are on their phone. These observances are becoming such casual occurrences that it is becoming normal.

I notice this most when I speak with people in the age range from eighteen through thirty-five that are on dating via dating apps. This is an easy way to date because one gets to hide behind a computer, take time constructing a message, and if the other person is not receptive, then it does not seem like a full rejection because you never met the other person.

I challenge you to do these next three things in order to be different and unforgettable:

1. Be vulnerable

Although I have seen wonderful relationships form from online dating, whatever happened to going out and approaching a cute girl or guy. Why can we not just meet with someone instead of talking to them online for days and perhaps not even get the courage to meet them in person for fear that we will not be able to carry on the conversation?

This also applies to our everyday relationships. When we are vulnerable, we are letting people know that we are all one. Typically, we have the same problems in life and want the same things when it is all said and done.

We are scared of putting ourselves out there. We have become so comfortable taking the easy route, that when faced with a more challenging scenario, we often do not know how to act.

2. Do not text people, call them

Another example of what is becoming normal is texting and no longer receiving as many calls as before. The only day I will receive calls from the majority of my friends and family is on my birthday. It is sad that they only think they should call me on my birthday because it is supposed to be a special day.

What makes any other day not as special? It has become strange to hear my phone ring because if it does, it is a text. When one calls someone, it will be different and when you hear someone’s voice, you can judge a lot better exactly what they are saying and how they feel.

A text does not require much effort. However, making a call requires you to take the time to make the call and focus on what one is saying over the phone. It is strange when I get a call, but refreshing to hear someone’s voice. Make a call, and make someone’s day.

3. Break the cycle of loneliness

While talking to people, I realize they have a huge desire to vent about what is going on in their life. Almost every day, I speak to someone, genuinely ask leading questions about their subject of interest and after a few minutes, their body tension breaks and they let out a sigh of relief.

People do not take the time to get to know people’s souls. In our self-serving culture, rarely do my own friends and family ask me about things that truly matter to me. People desire to belong and to feel loved, valued and understood. While observing people, rarely do they go out of their way to make the other person in their conversation feel special. Be the person who listens and you will make their day.

When many people are lonely and feel isolated, we must not forget to have physical interactions with human beings. This is a rare quality now-a-days thus when you take the time to call people and become vulnerable, you will be unforgettable.